What is the BSRTC?


The BSRTC (British Sim Racers Touring Cars) is a long running league initially set up to emulate the BTCC using iRacing’s Kia Optima, but quickly grew into it’s own entity entirely.


Over the years, the BSR has grown infamous for its action packed, door-to-door races as well as the inevitably spectacular crashes that come with it. Racing in the BSR is as much about raw pace as it is smart driving and predicting which situations will find you upside down cursing.



The series has run for 11 seasons with 2018 being the 4th year to have a $10,000 drivers prize fund.

The series has been featured on Motors TV for two years and Jinx TV on SKY TV

as well as being broadcast live every Thursday at 8:15 pm for all 35 weeks on ApexRacingTV on YouTube


Starting March 22nd Silverstone

The Team

Steve Richardson
BSR Founder
Kip Stephens
BSR Founder
Laura Bond
Logistics Manager
Nick McKerron
Logistics Manager
Lee Deamer
IMSA Sunday Series
Laura Bond
Finance Manager


Wall Of Fame

Ashley Sutton

"The BSRTC Pro Series is giving me the chance to race against other real life racedrivers using equipment that simulates real racing in a level that makes you feel nearly no difference to driving a racecar in real life. A Season of 130 races requires a lot of training and energy. Winning seasons 3 and 8 and being runner-up in season 9 makes me proud. While taking a break in season 10 i am up now to fight for the season 11 title.."

Andy Katz - S3&9 Champion

"I had it easy in my day, now it's full of young Whipper Snappers who practice eight hours a day, the older I get the more I miss my Braking points, that just means faster laps"

Kip Stephens - S1&2 Champion

"The BSR Organisation has given me the opportunity to sharpen up my race craft to assist me in the real world. I have enjoyed every minute of the racing here and the Live Broadcasting is like the ice on the cake. You can't beat what has been put together for the sim community"

Ashley Sutton - Current BTCC Champion

"It was a very proud moment for me to win such a prestigious championship, as the level of competition was very high, and you must maintain that level over a very long season."

Sebastian Job - S10 Champion

"The BSR and 7K races are always great to take part in, 60 car grids, reverse grids, it has it all. To win in these races you need to be doing something right!"

Graham Carroll - 7k & Pro Champion


How do I join?

We strongly encourage drivers and teams interested in signing up to research the league before committing to a whole season; this series is unlike any other and can be frustrating to some at first. If bumps and scrapes make your face turn red, this may not be the league for you.

The entry fee's for each championship will be listed in the rules and regulations for that series. This can be paid weekly, the whole season up front, or anything in-between.

We primarily communicate and organise through Facebook, in the BritishSimRacers group. If you are interested in getting involved, you can message league admins Kip Stephens, Steve Richardson, Jamie Rushworth, or Scunner Campbell either through Facebook (preferred) or within iRacing itself. 

If you’d like to “try before you buy” then we do run free practice races every Wednesday night. We also run a short Winter Series during the off season which you can find out more about here.

Please sign-up to this website here and then resgister for the specific championship you are interested in.

Can I sponsor a team or event?

Yes, absolutely! We get up to 25,000 viewers on international TV channel Motors TV, YouTube and iRacing Live. We provide large spaces on all of the cars for you to have your company logo displayed for as little as £5 per week, opportunities to run a commercial in between races, as well as branding of special events such as team races. 

When does the season start?

Each championship has its own calendar. You can view the calender here to see the start and end dates of each championship we run.​ Alternatively you can view the rules and regulations for the specific championship you are looking at.

Is there a protest/penalty system?

Yes! If a driver causes you significant damage, you can submit a protest which will be judged by a panel of stewards, and a penalty will be handed out to the naughty driver if appropriate. You can find more information about our protest/penalty system in the regulations.

I’m slow, can I win anything?

We have both a team and driver Pro / AM championship so that drivers of all abilities have something to aim for. There will be prizes for all 4 championships, so everyone has a chance to win something. There is also raffles for specific championships where we distribute prizes from our sponsors. Each championship point gains your a ticket to the end of season raffle. Please note we do not offer feel good participation awards.