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CQR S-Line


Diogo Melro

CQR S-Line
Pernes, Santarém, Portugal.
Season 11
World Series S1/S2 Champ
Club Series S4/S5 Driver Champ
Club Series S4 Team Champ
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Driver Bio

I was always into racing simulators, had a hard time finding the one I really enjoyed and got into iRacing because I used to watch a lot of GripTv streams. One day I stumbled across a Pro Series race at Bathurst and it clicked. Bought the 3-month subscription and there I was. Learning the ropes of it and with few hopes one day I could race there as well.

Some official races in and I think I got a message from Chez to join a league that was in the making, the World Series. I accepted the invite and soon got to race with the fellow competitors in some hosted races for the season to come. From the streams I saw of the Pro Series a few names got my attention and when I was put into a team with Pete Newman I couldn't be more happy.


I looked up to him from the start, got help from him and Chez and soon enough with my steady learning we won the Team Championship in league. Pete got 1st place in drivers and I got 2nd. Next season (Season 2 of the World Series) we did it again with the team. Between these 2 seasons I had the idea of joining the Pro Series to get to drive with the best, learn some more and avoid trouble at all costs. Joined with Team Mainland (Joerg Dankert and Peter van Gool) and my stay with them lasted a couple of weeks. I was getting consistent and faster, and soon enough I got the invite I (you could say) dreamed of. Now in Simpson Racing (Pete Newman, Simon Field and Nathan Simpson) and another weeks in I got my first win ever in the Pro Series! 4th race at Montreal. Was lucky enough to get pole from a reverse grid and I held it all race except for 2 corners. Next week in the champ I got my second and last win at Road America race 3. Started 3rd I think and in 2 laps managed to get away from guys like Rob Graham and Michael Shellbach to take the win. The remainder of the season my goal was to get as much points for the team as possible and help Pete with the Showdown any way I could.


Somewhere along the way I joined the Club Series with an invite to join Team MAD. My goal was to get more speed and consistency as it's always been with no intentions at all. I won the drivers championship in my first season there (Season 4) and got Team MAD to the top of the teams podium aswell for their first time aswell with Jeroen Kaizer and Jim Flannigan. Season 5 I won the drivers again but sadly we lost the Teams to CQR at the last round.


After all of this, I got another invite I could never refuse from Ash Sutton, to join CQR. I couldn't believe it myself but here am I. Starting my second season in the Pro Series with some of, if not the best drivers of the grid in the team Im in. The pressure is really high and I kinda like it. I want to prove myself and help give CQR a back to back Teams Championship.

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